Planting Roots for Change in Our Community

Mishawaka Mayor Dave Wood participates in first planting. Photo courtesy of Mishawaka Business Association.

Our mayor of Mishawaka Dave Wood participated in the first planting ceremony in the heart of downtown at the Mishawaka Food Pantry on May 2nd.

The first planting ceremony took place at the Pantry in our newfangled gardens beside our parking lot. A fair bit of folks from the surrounding area came out to show their solidarity with the Pantry.

Mayor Wood in his speech mentioned how the gardened area once was a filling station, then it was briefly a break station and now it is a beautiful garden under the guidance of the Pantry.

In addition to the mayor, lots of local supporters attended the event. Mishawaka City Council members, the city clerk, Penn Township Trustee and Board members, the Salvation Army, Pantry Patrons and other devotees came to plant and weed the garden.

This sense of togetherness from local organizations was praised by Mike Hayes, executive director of the Pantry.

“This fresh produce will go a long way in adding more needed nutrition into the diets of our patrons,” said Hayes. “Everybody has been engaged in planting and weeding of the garden.”

Plants are already blooming in the beds. Benches sit alongside the garden, nestled up against a mural of a blue-collar man standing next to his burgundy old-fashioned automobile. A low-profile gate surrounds the gardens, sending a hearty welcome to people of Mishawaka.

“This really is a community program,” said Hayes.

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